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Do we have to sign a contract for services? +

We do not lock in clients on a contract for services unless they require or request a formal contract, we understand and operate on the premise that if we do not perform to an acceptable level, we will lose you as a client. Lock in contracts can allow for complacency, to be quite honest, we can’t grow our business with that attitude. Our cleaners know that in order to keep your cleaning business, they need to perform a consistent & quality work, every time.

Before we start work, a customer will need to approve our estimate before we can proceed with the work, this assures we have a complete understanding of what needs to be done and what the cost for services will be, so were all on the same page.

Do you clean day or nights? +

Residential work is done during the day while homeowners are at work or on vacation 95% of the time, we do have requests from residual clients that may need an emergency clean for a Tenant moving out of a leased space or moving into a leased space, where we need to accommodate and perform a night clean.

Approximately 90% of all commercial cleaning work is done at night while offices and businesses are closed, this is done during the weekdays Monday-Friday most of the time, we do have some Mega-Churches as clients, they prefer the work to be done in the day, Monday-Friday when services and guests are not at the facilities, we try our best to accommodate everyone’s schedule(s).

Do you perform carpet cleaning services? +

Our partner company does, let us know your needs, we will accommodate

Do you clean tile, grout, hard surfaces? +

Yes, we have specialty machines that can clean patio concrete, rubber, tile, slate, marble, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, travertine, granite and low pile commercial/residential carpet (indoor or outdoor).

How long will it take you to perform the work? +

Each job is unique in detail, condition, etc. We can give you an estimated timeframe over the phone, the only way we can be 100% sure of how long we will need to complete the task, is to set-up a home or office visit with a manager, once the walk-through is scheduled and complete, we will be able to give you exactly what we’re looking at for time to complete your project.

How much will the cleaning cost? +

We look at several factors when pricing projects. Expectations of the client, how much traffic does the client experience, any pets on the premises (How many, of what type), the amount of restrooms, how many rooms total, We can get you close without a home visit or we can come by and give you an exact cost for servicing your exact needs and expectations.

Are you insured? +

The owner is actually a licensed insurance Agent in Florida. We are fully insured, licensed and bonded. How long have you been in business? We have over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we officially opened the business in 2011,  in the Dade City Business Center, in Dade City, Florida our hometown.

How long have you been in business? +

We have over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we officially opened the business in 2011,  in the Dade City Business Center, in Dade City, Florida our hometown.

For commercial businesses can you provide supplies for soap, liners, toiletries, etc. or do you just do cleaning only? +

Yes, we can supply and restock as part of our residual services, we do require a stock room at the location to keep supplies on hand as needed.

How do I know your legit company and that I can trust you in my business or home? +

We are rooted in the community we serve in. You need references, we got’em. Just tell us what you need and we will deliver so you have peace of mind. We clean law offices, car dealerships & showrooms, major office complexes, Mega-Churches, Residential Mansions, Etc. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, This is what we do!

What kind of cleaning services do you perform? +

We perform residential-commercial- one-time deep cleans, Move-in deep cleans, Move-Out deep cleans, Daily Cleaning Services, Weekly Cleaning Services, Bi-Weekly Services, We will set up a meeting with an account executive and learn what you need, how you need it and at what frequency to best serve your needs.

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